Every day is a chance to make the world a better place. A freedom to learn something new, to inspire someone to become more than they ever thought they could.

Relā’s programs are designed to help you move through a proven three-step process of learning and development: Awaken, Achieve and Apply. Whether you desire to grow in self leadership or are at the helm of an entire organization, our programs can provide the acumen you need to grow in competence and confidence wherever you are on your leadership journey.


While most professional development programs focus on Strategy and Tactics, we begin with Mindset first. In order to create lasting change, we must address core mindsets necessary to lead in alignment with our values. Then, developing the appropriate Strategy for sticking to your new mindsets is key. Programs such as CARE to Lead help individual contributors and managers/leaders identify, challenge and change old mindsets so as to adopt new ones in support of the results they want to achieve at work.


One of the most effective ways to support your new Mindset and Strategy is through practical Tactics for the everyday challenges of work and leadership. Through our partnership with Ken Blanchard Companies, we are able to offer some of the most widely used employee coaching models as well as management and performance management models. These programs include Coaching Essentials, Management Essentials and SLII.


Then, our coaching services help pull together the entire learning process by creating Accountability. Your coach helps you to become accountable to yourself first by applying what you’ve learned to real-life scenarios at home and work, challenging you when you struggle and providing the support you need to really change.


While many of our programs are offered as in person or virtual workshops and address specific areas of development, two programs address the full spectrum of development: NxGen and ExecGen. Each of these programs offers a ten-month intensive leadership journey. NxGen is designed for the young professional and ExecGen for the professional with at least 20 years supervisory experience.

Relā’s professional development programs challenge you to overcome common workplace and leadership challenges by seeing them as launching pads for what’s next. We strive to awaken the best in you so that you lead with the kind of principled service and stewardship that changes the world.