Relā’s leadership development programs are designed to help you grow and understand your responsibility as a servant leader. These training programs are designed to help people lead themselves, others and organizations. This means that no matter your role, there is a program for you.

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As a Ken Blanchard Channel Partner, Relā can deliver best-in-class professional development programs created by Blanchard, to your team and organization. From leading self to leading organizations, the Ken Blanchard programs offer training that has been validated for transformation for over 30 years. Click logo above to learn more about upcoming training and find a list of all programs HERE.

Servant Leadership is often more easily learned than implemented. So, we created a model inspired by servant leadership to help you. CARE to Lead is simple, holistic and actionable and provides the essential grounding in servant leadership for anyone who wishes to show up in service to their workplace and beyond.

Care To Influence

CARE to Influence takes servant leadership themes in CARE to Lead and applies them to leading self. CARE to Influence is perfect for anyone new to their career, individual contributors or those working on a team who desire to show up in service to others even if they have no direct reports.

Spirit of EQ

Relā and Spirit of EQ have teamed up to bring Central Ohio professionals best-in-class emotional intelligence programming. Spirit of EQ is lead by emotional intelligence master coaches who facilitate EQ training worldwide. Daniel Goleman, a world-renowned behavioral scientist said that “the part of the brain which supports emotional and social intelligence is the last circuitry of the brain to become anatomically mature and because of neuroplasticity, the brain shapes itself according to repeated experience.”

While ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is somewhat of a buzzword in the workplace, make no mistake: understanding the nuances of emotion in the workplace results in greater collaboration and a happier workplace. But most employers don’t know where to start on this subject. Let us help!

NxGen is a 10-month leadership development experience designed specifically for young professionals. The program begins in late January each year with enrollment running from September to December.

ExecGen is a 9-month leadership development program designed for professionals with 20+ years experience. ExecGen helps experienced leaders increase self-awareness, build confidence and improve people management skills to enhance performance.  ExecGen begins in late January and ends mid-October each year. Downloadable information is found HERE.