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Jason Barger

jasonJason Barger is a globally celebrated keynote speaker, author and consultant whose work has been highlighted by the New York Times, ABC News, the International Herald Tribune, and many other spots worldwide. Prior to his current work, Barger led thousands of people to build 125 houses internationally for families living in poverty and developed programs focused on faith, leadership and service. In 2004, he was a recipient of the Jefferson Award, a national award given to “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.” In 2014, he was a Forty Under 40 recipient by Business First. Barger’s books Step Back from the Baggage Claim, ReMember and Thermostat Cultures have been celebrated around the world and he is a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop leader and consultant on Leadership, Culture, Service and clarity of Mission/Vision/Values.

Learn more and connect with Jason at www.JasonVBarger.com. You can also check out Jason’s LinkedIn.

Alec Broadfoot

Alec Broadfoot helps business owners and executives grow their companies through strategic hiring. An expert on hiring and interviewing for long-term cultural fit and retention, Alec can show you how to avoid common hiring mistakes and make better hiring decisions to improve your company’s bottom line. Through his company, VisionSpark, Alec conducts key leader searches, behavioral interviewing and personality assessments for mid-market companies. He also trains companies to use a proven hiring system for predictable outcomes with every hire. Sought-after for his workshops, trainings and speaking events, Alec is known for delivering high-value, practical guidance about successful hiring methods. He frequently speaks on topics that include Effective Hiring, Strategic Interviewing, Personality and Behavioral Assessments, Improving Workplace Culture and Cracking the Hiring Code.

Learn more and connect with Alec at Alec@VisionSpark.comYou can also check out Alec’s LinkedIn.

Don Corder

Don Corder

Don Corder is an author, speaker, truth teller and pain reliever who helps church and Christian nonprofit leaders implement their vision so they are set free to fulfill their calling and impact their communities for the Kingdom. Don is an industry thought leader on ministry operations and administration, with a primary focus on finance, accounting, marketing, communication, systems and staff management. With over 30 years of business and church executive leadership experience, Don helps ministry leaders implement their vision and put a dent in the universe.

Learn more and connect with Don at dcorder@TheProvisumGroup.com. You can also check out Don’s LinkedIn.

Harvey Hook


Harvey is the Founder of Relā and the author of The Power of an Ordinary Life. Harvey is an experienced community influencer, with connections to Main Street, C-Suite and the Back Street. Harvey draws on over 40 years of marketplace experience to help leaders connect, grow and serve their community. His life’s focus is on discovering and living a life of purpose (one ordinary moment at a time). Harvey is available for keynotes and workshops on topics of Life Purpose, Life Mission, Becoming a Person of Vision, Leaving a Legacy, Servant Leadership, Racial Reconciliation and Friendship with God.

Learn more and connect with Harvey at harvey@convenecolumbus.us. You can also check out Harvey’s LinkedIn.

Shannon M. Lee

Shannon is the Executive Director of Relā, a nonprofit leadership development organization. Shannon offers keynotes, workshops and training on Servant Leadership and Mindfulness. She helps young professionals understand how to show up and lead in ways aligned with their values and to get results. An experienced leader, trainer and coach, Shannon draws on over 20 years of leadership experience to help people serve others while developing self.

Learn more and connect with Shannon at ShannonLee@RelaLeadership.org. You can also check out Shannon’s LinkedIn.

Perry Maughmer


Perry Maughmer has spent years provoking people to get out of their comfort zone and take action! After spending 25+ years in senior leadership roles in companies both small and large, he decided it was time to leverage all of that experience to create high-energy, intense and funny (in a slightly sarcastic way) presentations that profoundly challenge the audience to DO SOMETHING! With his background as a President/COO, Perry honed his strategic understanding of the organizational/business ecosystem. Perry is available for facilitation, strategic planning, coaching, keynotes and training presentations.

Learn more and connect with Perry at perry@perrymaughmer.com or 614-499-1970. You can also check out Perry’s LinkedIn.

Patrick McBane


Patrick is currently a Transformational Leadership Trainer with the FSH Strategy Consultants and leads the TL Global Initiatives. He works with small and medium size organizations to help identify and remove critical barriers to personal and team success. Patrick’s background is a combination of business management, sales and vocational ministry. Patrick is available for keynotes, workshops and facilitation related to Transformational Leadership, as well as general team-building and issue-processing consultation.

Learn more and connect with Patrick at patrick@transformlead.com. You can also check out Patrick’s LinkedIn.

John McNeal


John McNeal is the owner and Creative Director of 2reveal, a creative 3D animation studio based in Columbus, Ohio. He speaks and leads workshops on creativity and innovation to help C-level executives and their teams effectively generate ideas around their business. John holds a B.S. in Architecture from The Ohio State University, and sees himself as a “rational creative.” Once classically trained, John now plays jazz piano, has served as an adjunct instructor, and enjoys cookies medium-rare. John dislikes speaking of himself in the third person.

Learn more and connect with John at johnm@2reveal.com or 614-421-0690. You can also check out John’s LinkedIn.

Jim and Lynette Vaive


Jim and Lynette Vaive are Emotional Intelligence coaches, trainers and consultants, certified by the International Coaching Federation and Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network. They offer personal and group EQ coaching, team and organizational development workshops, and keynote addresses on the topics of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and Vital Signs for business. Jim and Lynette combine their business and healthcare backgrounds to use the power of EQ and coaching to improve leaders’ lives and businesses with statistically validated assessment tools. Their passion is to help individuals, teams and organizations that are struggling to realize their full potential due to low organizational and leadership emotional intelligence. Spirit of EQ is a Preferred Partner of Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network.

lynetteLearn more and connect with Jim at jim@spiritofeq.com or 614-774-8048.

Connect with Lynette at lynette@spiritofeq.com or 614-917-3342.

You can also connect with Jim and Lynette on LinkedIn.




Eric J. Watts


Eric J. Watts, President of WordTalk Productions, LLC, is an inspirational Speaker, Teacher and Transformational Coach. He is also a certified member of The John Maxwell Team. A formerly frustrated corporate employee, Eric helps people connect with and overcome their frustrations, and create blazing wildfires of success in their lives and businesses by way of his challenging-encouragement. With his speaking, teaching, and coaching, Eric helps individuals and organizations identify and clarify who they are, find their passion, and fulfill their purpose. In a fun, interactive, and impactful manner, Eric utilizes the leadership and life lessons he learned in 15+ years of working in Corporate America to create relatable anecdotes from his life, using movies, and music to take his audience on a fun-filled journey into his favorite subject: leadership. Eric is available for keynotes, lunch n learns, leadership development, coaching, and masterminds.

 Learn more and connect with Eric at www.wordtalkproductions.com or 614.579.8923. You can also check out Eric’s LinkedIn.

John Doyel

John Doyel is the CEO of Axiom Consulting Group – Columbus and President of 180 Ministries – a ministry at Vineyard Columbus which began in 2009.  Over 100 men who struggle with sexual brokenness attend on Monday nights.  He has developed a Christ centered recovery ministry called the 180 Recovery Program.  He also sends daily emails of encouragement to over 1000 people in 20 nations. Married to Mona for 38 years they have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. John loves to speak to men who struggle as well as groups about leadership and discipleship.

 Learn more and connect with John at doyel@me.com. You can also check out John’s LinkedIn.