This 30 minute bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Relā Executive Director, Shannon Lee, provides a light-hearted, engaging and informative look into how everyday leaders both struggle and succeed at living out servant leadership.

Leaders face increasing and competing demands, making the call to servant leadership all the more crucial. The SLAPcast will highlight local and national leaders from various industries and backgrounds who are committed to living out the values of servant leadership without taking themselves too seriously.

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Shannon Lee pt. 2 | ep050

This is episode 50!
In part 2 of this conversation, Shannon reveals some tips to keep serving front of mind, while avoiding the pitfalls of an unhealthy imbalance. It is possible to serve without it coming at the expense of our own wellness.

Shannon Lee pt. 1 | ep049

This two-part series navigates the challenges of serving. There are many misconceptions about what serving is, and Shannon helps to shed light on how serving can be more rewarding and less exhausting.

Rich Johnson Pt. 2 | ep048

Part two of our two-part series on Awakening the Best welcomes Pastor Rich Johnson once again, as he continues the conversation about fostering an ‘awakening’ in the community. We dive into what hinders awakenings and Rich even talks about key awakenings in his own life. This is a ‘do not miss’ episode!

Rich Johnson pt. 1 | ep047

This two-part series on Awakening the Best will inspire and encourage you. Join Pastor Rich Johnson as he covers what it takes to awaken the best in self, others, and the community at large.

Coaching Your Team Pt. 2 | ep046

In part two of this two-part series on Coaching Your Team, Shannon talks about the 3 big mistakes managers make when coaching their teams.

Coaching Your Team Pt. 1 | ep045

In part one of this two-part series, Shannon breaks down the 4 essential coaching skills of leaders: Listen to Learn, Inquire for Insight, Tell Your Truth, and Express Confidence.

The Benefits of Developing Accountable People | ep044

Continuing her conversation on accountability, Shannon breaks down the benefits of developing accountable people at work and why it is so much better than simply ‘holding people accountable’.

Holding People Accountable vs Developing Accountable People | ep043

In this episode, Shannon introduces the difference between ‘holding people accountable’ and ‘building accountable people’ and ways leaders can do the latter.

Stabilize, Secure, Reset and Thrive | ep042

In part two of Shannon’s interview with WD-40 Garry Ridge, Shannon and Garry talk about the four steps WD-40 took to create and maintain their momentum.

Giving Employees the Answer Key to the Final Exam | ep041

In part one of this two-part interview with WD-40 CEO, Garry Ridge, Garry explains why helping people win and succeed at work is the single most important role of the leader. And, it results in record-breaking productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.

Shannon Lee | ep040

What do you do at work when under stress? If you’re like most, you default to old behaviors and habits without being aware. We all do. In this episode Shannon discusses the three biggest barriers to that kind of awareness and how to shift your thinking to steer clear of unproductive leadership habits.

Shannon Lee | ep039

Identifying poor leadership is easy. Having an opinion on what to do about poor leadership is common. But what’s missing is a method for addressing gaps in leadership abilities that is based in data and results. This episode Shannon Lee discusses why leadership solutions are not a ‘one size fits all’ and what you can do to show up as the leader your people need.

Ken Blanchard pt 2 | ep038

In the second half of our interview with Ken Blanchard, Ken talks more in depth about why he believes servant leadership is the only way to get great results and great relationships at work.

Ken Blanchard pt 1 | ep037

Ken Blanchard talks about the greatest leadership influences in his life that ultimately resulted in The Ken Blanchard Companies and impacting tens of thousands of leaders across the globe.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion pt 2 | ep036

In part two of two, SLAPcast guests Rhonda Burns and Kathleen Herath open up about the vulnerability involved in connecting by flexing across differences. This episode also discusses how intersectionality can reduce marginalization both at work and at home.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion pt 1 | ep035

In part one of two, the SLAPcast welcomes Rhonda Burns – Associate Vice President Diversity & Inclusion at Nationwide Insurance, and Kathleen Herath – Associate Vice President Wellbeing & Safety at Nationwide Insurance. Our discussion looked at the varied aspects of helping people feel safe at work.

Spirituality in the workplace? Yes. | ep034

This month on the SLAPcast we move past mindset and think about some practical approaches to a few key mindsets. On this episode, we explore the strategies and tactics associated with a topic that may not seem it has a place at work. Jason and Shannon take a look at some tactics surrounding spirituality in the workplace.

Tactical with Vulnerability | ep033

This month on the SLAPcast we move past mindset and think about some practical approaches to a few key mindsets. On this episode, we explore the strategies and tactics associated with vulnerability.

Jason Barger pt 2 | ep032

Engagement Pt 2: Local author and international speaker and consultant, Jason Barger, visits the SLAPcast in part 2 of a two part series on engagement. Barger, author of Thermostat Cultures, continues the conversation on culture and engagement are directly linked.

Jason Barger pt 1 | ep031

Engagement Pt 1: Local author and international speaker and consultant, Jason Barger, visits the SLAPcast in part 1 of a two part series on engagement. Barger, author of Thermostat Cultures, breaks down why culture and engagement are directly linked.


Delegation Pt 2 | ep030

Delegation Pt 2: In Delegation Pt 2 Shannon outlines how leaders must accurately diagnose development levels of their team members in order to delegate appropriately and effectively.


Delegation Pt 1 | ep029

Delegation Pt 1: How leaders think about releasing work to others, or delegation, is just as if not more important than the act of delegating itself. Listen in as Shannon talks about the mindset needed to delegate in ways that both develop others and protect relationships.


Lachandra (La) Baker | ep028

Lachandra is the Senior Manager, Employee Engagement at CoverMyMeds and she talks enthusiastically about putting people first at work and beyond. You can connect with La on Instagram and Twitter @lalabak or Lachandra B. Baker on LinkedIn.


Natalie Siston | ep027

Natalie is an Executive Coach and Founder of Small Town Leadership who teaches leaders how to adopt a small town mindset so that each employee feels engaged, empowered and valued. Natalie can be reached at either natalie@smalltownleadership.com or http://smalltownleadership.com where you can also sign up for her newsletter.

Juan Alvarez | ep026

Juan Alvarez is a Mindful Leadership Coach who helps business leaders be present and live with inner peace. So many leaders are experiencing professional success while suffering internally on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you’d like to contact Juan, you can do so at juan@juan-alvarez.com and juan-alvarez.com.

Connecting Meaningfully to Yourself | ep025

Shannon explains how leaders can connect more meaningfully to others when they learn to be more connected to themselves. In this short episode, Shannon outlines simple ways to bring more awareness to ones own authenticity. For information on Relā’s coaching and training programs contact us at info@relaleadership.org.

Top 10 Worst Advice From Leaders | ep024

In the final episode of 2019, Shannon Lee is joined by Relā Community Engagement Manager, Jason Otero. With both humor and candor, they share and comment on information gathered from Relā social networks regarding bad leadership advice. You can contact Shannon or Jason directly at slapcast@relaleadership.org. Also, to learn more about Relā’s 2020 public training calendar visit www.relaleadership.com and click Calendar in the top nav.

Lauren Edwards | ep023

Principal and Owner at Next Step Business Consulting, Executive Director at SEA Change Lauren Edwards shares real, actionable ways we can leverage business and social enterprise for the common good.

Nevin Bansal | ep022

Founder of Small Biz Cares & Outreach Promotional Solutions, Nevin Bansal talks entrepreneurship, doing good and family business. Nevin has two blogs: Small Biz Cares and Outreach Promotion. If you’d like to reach out to Nevin directly, you can do so by his LinkedIn or his email: nevin.bansal@smallbizcares.org



Shannon Lee | ep021

Motivational Speaker, Writer, Blogger and Executive Director of Relā, Shannon Lee, shares her experience and perspectives on way to broaden our view of gratitude. Here is a link to the article Shannon mentioned about gratitude and the ‘feel-good’ brain chemicals.

Gabe Howard | ep020

Motivational Speaker, Mental Illness Writer and Blogger Gabe Howard joins the SLAPcast for both a serious and humorous chat about mental illness, especially as it pertains to mindset. Gabe’s Podcasts are The Psyche Central Podcast and The Not Crazy Podcast. Gabe’s book, Mental Illness is an Asshole and Other Observations can be found at www.gabehoward.com where you can also find links to his social feeds. Finally, you can reach out directly to Gabe at gabe@gabehoward.com.

https://psychcentral.com/blog/show  |  https://psychcentral.com/blog/notcrazy

Madison Mikhail Bush | ep019

Madison is the Founder of POINT and joins us to talk about the pain, pitfalls and passion surrounding entrepreneurship.

Live Coaching Call | ep018

New to the SLAPcast, Shannon coaches a client who is facing disappointment at work, helping the client to reframe her experience using the CARE coaching model.

Shannon Lee | ep017

Relā Executive Director Shannon Lee breaks down the difference between control and influence and how we can know the difference and take action accordingly.


Jamie Richardson | ep016

VP of White Castle, Jamie Richardson, visits the SLAPcast to talk about burgers, Alice Cooper and community impact.

Mark Henson | ep015

Mark Henson, Chief Imagination Officer of sparkspace, joins us for an entertaining and equally deep conversation on leadership and mental health.

Jeff Young | ep014

Jeff Young, the LinkedIn Guru, shares why he believes LinkedIn is so powerful and why he gives away his knowledge for free.

Unique Value | ep013

Shannon Lee explores some practical ideas for uncovering your unique value in the workplace.

Brittany Dixon | ep012

Brittany Dixon, owner of Brittany and Co., talks about the importance of establishing business processes and some tips on how to get started!


Am I special? | ep011

Shannon Lee talks about not feeling special and finding your unique value.


Jason Tharp | ep010

Jason Tharp of Wonderville Studios is a children’s book author and illustrator, taking his unicorn message to us big kids.


Jason Daily | ep009

Jason Daily with Anchored Leadership shares his passion for helping people grow personally and professionally and a little enneagram talk too!


Shelene Bryan | ep008

Shelene visits Relā again via the SLAPcast and per usual, she’s EXCITED! Shelene is quite literally, servant leadership in action and she has a way of conveying her thoughts with humor and kindness. Check out why ‘right’ leadership means you have to go ‘left’!




James Rores | ep007

The SLAPcast is pumped to introduce James Rores, Founder of the Growth Multiplier Movement. James is a former old-school salesperson who flipped the script on his life through servant leadership. His perspective on servant leadership – specific to sales – is transformational. Don’t. Miss.


Jon Acuff | ep006

This week on the SLAPcast, Relā welcomes New York Times best-selling author and Leadership Forum keynote, Jon Acuff. Jon gives a little sneak peak into his talk at Leadership Forum and touches on myriad other subjects as well.



Greg Overmyer

Greg Overmyer | ep005

This week’s episode features a Columbus, OH community favorite, Greg Overmyer. Greg is the CEO of Overmyer Hall Associates and shares so openly his thoughts about leading through change both personally and professionally.


Chris McAlister

Chris McAlister | ep004

This week on the SLAPcast, we chat with Chris McAlister of SightShift, a leadership accelerator. Chris loves waffles and helping leaders get to the edge of their abilities. His process helps leaders get past the need to prove themselves so they can accelerate their impact.


Scott Monroe | ep003

In this weeks episode of the SLAPcast, Shannon sits down with special guest Scott Monroe, Chief Brand Officer of Thirty-One Gifts. Continuing our theme of Leadership is Love, Scott breaks down how the vision of Thirty-One empowers women to own their own businesses.


Leadership is Love | ep002

Leadership is Love. In this week’s SLAPcast, Shannon Lee, Executive Director of Relā, breaks down 4 surprising ways leadership is love.


What is SLAP? | ep001

Servant leadership is easy to learn but hard to live. Join Relā every other week as we explore servant leadership without taking ourselves too seriously. If you’re committed to serving others in any capacity, this is the podcast for you. In this week’s pilot episode, we explore the SLAP in SLAPcast. And yes…it has to do with leadership!