Relā SLAPcast


This new, 30 minute bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Relā Executive Director, Shannon Lee, will provide a light-hearted, engaging and informative look into how everyday leaders both struggle and succeed at living out servant leadership. Leaders face increasing and competing demands, making the call to servant leadership all the more crucial. The SLAPcast will highlight local and national leaders from various industries and backgrounds who are committed to living out the values of servant leadership without taking themselves too seriously.

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What is SLAP? | ep001

Servant leadership is easy to learn but hard to live. Join Relā every other week as we explore servant leadership without taking ourselves too seriously. If you’re committed to serving others in any capacity, this is the podcast for you. In this week’s pilot episode, we explore the SLAP in SLAPcast. And yes…it has to do with leadership!




Leadership is Love | ep002

Leadership is Love. In this week’s SLAPcast, Shannon Lee, Executive Director of Relā, breaks down 4 surprising ways leadership is love.