Relā SLAPcast


This new, 30 minute bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Relā Executive Director, Shannon Lee, will provide a light-hearted, engaging and informative look into how everyday leaders both struggle and succeed at living out servant leadership. Leaders face increasing and competing demands, making the call to servant leadership all the more crucial. The SLAPcast will highlight local and national leaders from various industries and backgrounds who are committed to living out the values of servant leadership without taking themselves too seriously.

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What is SLAP? | ep001

Servant leadership is easy to learn but hard to live. Join Relā every other week as we explore servant leadership without taking ourselves too seriously. If you’re committed to serving others in any capacity, this is the podcast for you. In this week’s pilot episode, we explore the SLAP in SLAPcast. And yes…it has to do with leadership!



Leadership is Love | ep002

Leadership is Love. In this week’s SLAPcast, Shannon Lee, Executive Director of Relā, breaks down 4 surprising ways leadership is love.



Scott Monroe | ep003

In this weeks episode of the SLAPcast, Shannon sits down with special guest Scott Monroe, Chief Brand Officer of Thirty-One Gifts. Continuing our theme of Leadership is Love, Scott breaks down how the vision of Thirty-One empowers women to own their own businesses.




Chris McAlister | ep004

Chris McAlisterThis week on the SLAPcast, we chat with Chris McAlister of SightShift, a leadership accelerator. Chris loves waffles and helping leaders get to the edge of their abilities. His process helps leaders get past the need to prove themselves so they can accelerate their impact.




Greg Overmyer | ep005

Greg OvermyerThis week’s episode features a Columbus, OH community favorite, Greg Overmyer. Greg is the CEO of Overmyer Hall Associates and shares so openly his thoughts about leading through change both personally and professionally.





Jon Acuff | ep006

This week on the SLAPcast, Relā welcomes New York Times best-selling author and Leadership Forum keynote, Jon Acuff. Jon gives a little sneak peak into his talk at Leadership Forum and touches on myriad other subjects as well.







James Rores | ep007

The SLAPcast is pumped to introduce James Rores, Founder of the Growth Multiplier Movement. James is a former old-school salesperson who flipped the script on his life through servant leadership. His perspective on servant leadership – specific to sales – is transformational. Don’t. Miss.





Shelene Bryan | ep008

Shelene visits Relā again via the SLAPcast and per usual, she’s EXCITED! Shelene is quite literally, servant leadership in action and she has a way of conveying her thoughts with humor and kindness. Check out why ‘right’ leadership means you have to go ‘left’!



Jason Daily | ep009

Jason Daily with Anchored Leadership shares his passion for helping people grow personally and professionally and a little enneagram talk too!




Jason Tharp | ep010

Jason Tharp of Wonderville Studios is a children’s book author and illustrator, taking his unicorn message to us big kids.




Am I special? | ep011

Shannon Lee talks about not feeling special and finding your unique value.




Brittany Dixon | ep012

Brittany Dixon, owner of Brittany and Co., talks about the importance of establishing business processes and some tips on how to get started!