Out of Sight= Out of Mind

By: Patrick McBane

The idea that something is easily forgotten or dismissed as unimportant if it is not in our direct view.

Life becomes complicated when I can’t see where I’m going and how I’m going to get there.  While many of us get hundreds of different bits of knowledge and information presented to us every day – when it comes to taking advantage of that knowledge so that it becomes positive opportunity – this can be very challenging.

We’ve all heard the concept of – Out of sight = Out of mind.  This is more than a saying – it really is how the brain works and how opportunities – while well intentioned – slip through our fingers.

It’s not about doing more that makes you more efficient.  It’s not about doing things in more efficient ways that makes you more productive.  It’s not about producing things faster that makes you more profitable.  It’s about taking what you want to do and giving it priority and doing it in an excellent way.  Sometimes that means we have to deconstruct and simplify.

So how do you deconstruct and simplify?

  • Less is more

Whether it’s about keeping up with the Jones or whoever your neighbors, competitors or pedestal people may be – you cannot achieve great things when you don’t know or appreciate the value of what you already have.  Resources are used as one of the biggest excuses for failure.  No money, no time, no talent.  The key question may be – If “this” is all I have to accomplish “this” goal – is “this” enough?

  • Quality is better than quantity

The inability to be comfortable with a ‘less is more’ approach can sometimes breed contempt and discontentment.  When these things are in play – we often give less of our best self.  We find ourselves un-motivated and miserable.  Quality comes from an attitude of excellence.  The better I can become – the better I can serve, produce and create.  Make yourself and your organization indispensable by delivering more than expected, better than anticipated and above and beyond expected.

  • Frequency and follow up create permanence

The out of sight – out of mind tendency is more common than we know.  If you really want something powerfully new and purposefully productive to be effective – don’t go it alone.  Establish a companion to walk out its fulfillment by creating accountability – and a calendar to schedule investment cultivation times and to evaluate your goals, yourself and your process.  When something is new – frequency is vital.  New knowledge can’t stick unless it’s reinforced – over, and over, and over again.

  • Crawl first, walk next, run last

When we do have a new or exciting goal in front of us we can burn out quickly by running out of the gate without key elements for success.  Slow your roll my friend! You didn’t get where you are today in a moment and you won’t get out of it in a moment either.  The slower approach doesn’t mean apathetic – it means deliberate.  The word Deliberate means – preplanned liberation.  Nothing happens by accident.  We have to plan for success.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Is what you’re doing today going to help or hinder that goal?

What changes do I personally have to make first – in preparation and planning – in attitude and behavior?  Will this change contribute to my/our success?  And, does it align with who I am – who we are – our values – and our vision?

Can you see it?

When we take meaningful trips and have amazing experiences – we take pictures.  In part, so we’ll never forget.  Do the same with your goals – so that – they no longer become ‘out of sight – out of mind; out of mind – out of heart; out of heart – out of life.

Picture it.  Picture it in a way that it becomes familiar.  Picture it in a way that makes it not just visionary – but catalytic.  Put it in clear view.  Make it a part of your conversations.  Make it a part of your evaluations – and you will become who you want to be.  You will achieve great things!

Patrick McBane
 is a Lead Trainer – Director of Global Initiatives for FSH Strategy Consultants and Transformational Leadership.  He is also the Executive Director of Marketplace Solutions – a faith based non-profit focused on Equipping, Connecting and Mobilizing Christian leaders to bring transformation to their spheres of influence.

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