Board of Directors

Sam Queeno

Board President

Director, Digital Identity & Physical Security – American Electric Power

“As a Rela NxGen and ExecGen Alumni, I felt compelled to give back to the organization that truly made me a better person and a leader. Serving on this board with these amazing people has been one of the highlights of my life.”

Christy Bertolo

Board Secretary

Director of Corporate Engagement – The Ohio State University

“Leadership to me is beyond a title or something you one day achieve. It shows up wherever you are and is something you can always be practicing, learning and growing throughout your life and career.”

Ryan Wilkins

Board Treasurer

Senior Director of Communications & Facilities – Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio

“Servant leadership has been part of my personal ethic since volunteering in college. What I learned from serving the community is that people respond to a leader who radically serves the people they lead and is willing to get their hands dirty. The old way of leadership by status is no longer effective. What is needed are leaders who are willing to do whatever it takes to help their people be successful, and Relā is helping to shape those kinds of leaders in the community.”

Rhonda Burns

AVP of Diversity & Inclusion – Nationwide Insurance

Amber DeBarr

Director of Communications – OhioHealth

“Leadership is a privilege and I want to make the most of that privilege which starts with understanding the shadow I cast. Relā helps me do that. Investing in myself as a leader means that I’m positively impacting the lives of those I have the opportunity to serve – whether that’s through my interactions at work, at home, or in the community. It’s important and lifelong work.”

Adam McCampbell

Owner, Adam McCampbell Coaching and Consulting

“We are now a P2P “person to person” society, and we desperately need leaders to bring their whole self to leadership and connect personally with those they lead. Servant Leadership is a transformative mindset that allows me to show up fully as a person, whether it be at home with my family or in a conference room with a client. Relā is a wonderful community that is passionate about the Servant Leadership movement. I’m so grateful for the tools, resources, and friendships that have come from being a part of this organization.”

Rich Johnson

Pastor, Sanctuary Church

“A good leader is one who understands that serving others is not an obligation of duty, but an opportunity of delight to see others flourish.”