Mission and Vision

What is Relā?

Relā is a non-profit leadership development organization inspiring people to lead as they wish to be led.  We empower people to lead with love – the essence of servant leadership. about

We Believe:
More servant (aka: loving) leaders = better world!

Our Focus:
Relā’s programs help current and aspiring servant leaders connect, grow and serve their community. Purposefully inclusive, we engage leaders at every level, in virtually all professions and industries.

Our Mission:
Empowering servant leaders to create a better world.

So what does “Relā mean?
“Relā” (pronounced ree-lay) is the root of many words that we believe tells the story of our vision: relating to others, relationships, and relaying your story. Relā means to be engaged and involved in your community, with your peers, and with your own story.