Ken Blanchard

The following programs are our most popular Ken Blanchard offerings. These and any of the other Blanchard products can be conducted ad hoc with your team. Minimum of 10 participants applies. CLICK HERE for a description of all Blanchard programs available.



Done well, performance management is a partnership. But research indicates there are significant gaps between what employees expect from their leaders and what they actually experience at work. SLII® is a model and process that helps managers be more purposeful and intentional in their conversations with people. This creates a culture where people are clear and aligned on objectives so that they can achieve organizational goals faster.


  • Managers seeking to understand and implement a proven process that creates an aligned culture.


  • Understand the four leadership styles needed to clearly align people to objectives to achieve organizational goals faster.
  • Assess where employees are in the learning process so as to choose the most effective leadership style needed.
  • Create a common language that creates trust and a sense of partnership.
  • Learn to give people the right amount of direction and support at the exact time they need it.


Coaching Essentials is a one-day face-to-face workshop that includes compelling visuals and materials, engaging videos, and proven learning activities. Participants will learn a four-step process to help them put their new skills into practice back at work. The program teaches managers how to identify when a coaching style will be most helpful and how to coach effectively.


  • Connect – Build trust and positive relationships
  • Focus – Identify topics and goals
  • Activate – Collaborate to develop a plan for action
  • Review – Clarify agreements and discuss accountability


  • Managers and individuals seeking to develop coaching skills in order to increase the effectiveness and competence of those they lead.


  • Adopt the proper mindset for coaching
  • Increase the quality of conversations
  • Accelerate individual and team progress toward objectives
  • Create an environment of trust that nurtures the development of others
  • Leverage four coaching skills that develop self-reliance in others
  • Apply the four-step coaching process that results in clear agreements and action
  • Identify when coaching is needed to help others reach a higher level of performance


Management Essentials™ is an innovative and highly practical management training seminar that teaches aspiring and new managers alike essential skills required by their roles. Participants in this workshop will appreciate a blended approach to learning that includes instruction, examples, and interactive group exercises which grow competence and confidence immediately.


  • Individuals considering a transition into management
  • New managers (2 years of experience or less)


  • Compare and contrast the workplace roles of an individual contributor and a manager, and identify the mind-set required for being a successful manager
  • Learn the Four Core Conversations: Goal Setting, Praising, Redirecting and Wrapping Up
  • Gain skills needed to boost relationships and work well with others- specifically Listen to Learn, Inquire for Insight, Tell Your Truth and Express Confidence
  • Practice the Essential Skills and the Four Core Conversations using real-work situations
  • Understand how these new skills and mind-sets align with Servant Leadership

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