The Relā Neighborhood Leadership Initiative provides servant leadership training at a free and reduced cost to Columbus nonprofits. In America, the average nonprofit spends just $29 per person per year on leadership development – a number that is more than four times LESS than the for-profit sector. Nonprofits state the main reason for lack of investment in leadership development is cost. Understandably, when nonprofits receive funding, they allocate most if not all of it to programming – to serving the needs of the community.

And yet, nonprofits experience a 19 percent turnover rate ( as well as all of the common workplace disengagement issues of the for-profit sector. With these problems, it is increasingly difficult for these organizations to effectively deliver on their stated mission. This coupled with a lack of funding for leadership development is why the Relā Neighborhood Leadership Initiative was created.

Through the Relā Neighborhood Leadership Initiative, nonprofits will receive solid leadership development that will positively impact their organization as a whole. Our training solutions will help nonprofits to:

  • Encourage innovation
  • Promote problem solving
  • Improve communication
  • Increase motivation
  • Learn methods for building self-reliant teams
  • Discover process for changing undesirable behavior (in self and others)
  • Learn an actionable and holistic leadership model that serves their organization and the community
  • Increase their impact!

If you are a nonprofit (leader or associate) who would like to apply for scholarships to be used towards your leadership development fees, please complete this form.

Neighborhood Leadership Initiative - Scholarship Application Form

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx.
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