Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about Relā. If you still have questions, we want to hear from you! Just email info@relaleadership.org and we’ll get back to you right away!


I don’t like the term ‘Servant Leadership’. Is there another way to think about this?

Certainly! We use the term ‘Servant Leadership’ because of the thought pioneers that have gone before on the subject, both in business and academia. Servant Leadership shows up all the time with different names. ‘Service Leadership’, ‘People First Leadership’, ‘Conscious Leadership’ and ‘Level 5 Leaders’ to name a few. What’s important is the mindset behind the term – the idea that everybody matters and doing what is best for everyone as often as possible. We call that Servant Leadership but you can call it whatever you want!


Why do you promote Servant Leadership?

We promote Servant Leadership because we believe Servant Leadership embodies the kind of leadership that positively impacts individuals, communities and businesses. The strength of true Servant Leadership gives way to empowering others and it changes communities, large and small, for the better. Servant Leadership invites everyone in and says we all have a role to play.


Is Servant Leadership the best way to lead?

We believe the best way to lead is with a Servant Leader mindset. This means that while we embrace Servant Leadership as the preferred leadership method, we recognize the need to employ other leadership styles. Regardless of the style needed to lead in any given moment, the Servant Leader can lead from a mindset of service to others even if they must take actions indicative of other leadership styles.


What do you mean by Better Leaders?

When we say Better Leaders we mean leaders who lead the way they want to be led; leaders who are more loving, and care about creating lasting positive change in the world around them by empowering others. While we recognize there are many leadership styles, we happen to believe better leaders are servant leaders.


What do you mean by Better world?

When we say better world, we mean a world where we are working together to solve issues bigger than ourselves. Real change happens through collaboration, and we need everyone on board to make a difference. A better world is one where the needs of our neighbors are met, people are living to their full potential, leaders are creating more leaders, and everyone is taking part in their communities as a result of a desire to serve. But what’s more important is…what’s a better world to you?