Frequently Asked Questions

Is Relā a faith-based organization?

Yes.  Practical faith is at the heart of Relā, firmly placing Jesus at the center of that faith.  Our hope is to empower others to engage their faith in new ways, right where they are.  All of our programming is inspired by the life of Jesus and his heart for others; channeling our effort in ways that help others engage in the community in meaningful ways, including:

  • Linking People
  • Rallying Leaders
  • Experiencing God
Why is a faith-based organization focused on leadership development?

Relā is focused on leadership development because we believe it is a tangible way to grow people who in turn, impact communities.  We believe one of the greatest responsibilities we have as Christians and as a faith-based organization, is to equip others to live out their mission in life, wherever that mission is.   To do this, we must be about the business of developing others in ways that empower them to empower others, creating widespread change.

Why do you promote Servant Leadership?

We promote Servant Leadership because we believe Servant Leadership embodies the way Jesus lead. The strength of true servant leadership gives way to empowering others and it changes communities, large and small, for the better. Servant leadership invites everyone in and says we all have a role to play.

Is Servant Leadership the best way to lead?

We believe the best way to lead is with a Servant Leader mindset. This means that while we embrace Servant Leadership as the preferred leadership method, we recognize the need to employ other leadership styles. Regardless of the style needed to lead in any given moment, the Servant Leader can lead from a mindset of service to others even if they must take actions indicative of other leadership styles.

What do you mean by Better Leaders?

When we say Better Leaders we mean leaders who lead the way they want to be led; leaders who are more loving, and care about creating lasting positive change in the world around them by empowering others. Better Leaders are those who are:

  • Thriving Personally
  • Developing Professionally
  • Deepening Spiritually
What do you mean by Better world?

When we say better world, we mean a world where we are working together to solve issues bigger than ourselves. Real change happens through collaboration, and we need everyone on board to make a difference. A better world is one where the needs of our neighbors are met, people are living to their full potential, leaders are creating more leaders, and everyone is taking part in their communities as a result of a desire to serve.  This looks like:

  • Loving Others
  • Enhancing lives
  • Restoring Communities