Lynette Vaive | Emotional Intelligence

Lynette Vaive talks about her experience with Relā and emotional intelligence training.

Don Wells

Hear what local CPA firm owner, Don Wells has to say about his involvement in Relā

Mark Stanifer

Mark Stanifer shares about his experience and growth as a result of embracing servant leadership.

Christy Bertolo | Care to Lead

Christy Bertolo talks about her experience with Care to Lead

Amy Line | NxGen

Amy Line of Safellite talks about the NxGen program  

Jasmine Elliott | Care to Lead

Jasmine Elliott of CMS talks about her experience with the Care to Lead program.  

Donald Wells | Servant Leadership

Don Wells is back on Relā Stories giving an update on his journey as a servant leader.  

NxGen | Amber DeBarr

Amber DeBarr shares her experience with the NexGen program.

Ryan Wilkins | Servant Leadership

Ryan Wilkins speaks about being a servant leader.  

Jonathan Flores | The Hangry 5k

Jonathan Flores talks about his engagement with Relā and his race to end hunger.