CARE to Teach

Helping teachers decrease frustration and increase fulfillment in the classroom. 

CARE to Teach is a workshop designed by educators for educators. CARE to Teach aims to care for the teacher by helping him/her decrease frustration and increase fulfillment in the classroom by helping teachers see what they actually can control: their own thoughts and feelings. At the core, this program helps teachers embody a servant leader while maintaining student achievement.

CARE to Teach will help educators:

  • Understand the difference between a traditional teacher and servant leader teacher
  • Discover and practice a process that changes the way classroom and school problems are experienced and handled
  • Learn a simple, actionable model for servant leadership
  • Develop methods for leading self as a servant leader and engaging with others from this mindset
  • Create a plan for addressing specific workplace frustrations utilizing the CARE to Teach model

CARE to Teach can be presented as an inspirational keynote as well as delivered as an interactive one or two-day teacher in-service.

For more information, please contact Relā at and mention CARE to Teach.