CARE to Live


CARE to Live is a mindset-first personal development workshop. If you are like most, you may be unaware that much of your daily stress, fear and frustration is optional. You do not have to live this way. Life is full of positive and negative experiences but so many of the negative ones are made worse because of this lack of awareness. CARE to Live is a powerful tool to positively change the way you experience your everyday world.

CARE to Live can be delivered for your team/organization on other dates. Facilitation fees apply. To learn more:


Ideal participants

Ideal participants for CARE to Live are individuals desiring personal growth to help:

  • Use your brain’s natural process to relieve common fears, tension and frustration
  • More effectively identify and process emotions
  • Overcome unproductive habits like boredom, procrastination and blame
  • Become more connected to the world and self
  • Discover a higher purpose

Program Offering

  • Face to face workshop – $250
    • 1 day, 7-hour workshop
    • Printed materials
    • Lunch
  • Virtual, live workshop – $189
    • 2 day, 3 hours per day virtual workshop
    • Electronic materials
  • Virtual, self-guided workshop (coming soon!) – $149
    • Go at your own pace
    • Videos and downloadables