CARE to Lead



Care to Lead is a leadership model based on servant leadership.  Care to Lead will help you:

  • Create a framework for challenging and changing negative leadership behaviors
  • Learn to connect to those around you in authentic and meaningful ways
  • Align and inspire a group of people to achieve shared goals
  • Empower those around you to release them to do their jobs, all while maintaining accountability
  • Provide generous feedback to encourage desired behaviors and acknowledge the contributions of others

Program Offering

  • 8-hour training delivered in either 2 half-day sessions or one full-day session (see below)
  • Trainings are date-specific and can also be offered ad hoc, depending on availability

Cost: $215 per person- includes training, materials & lunch
December 13th
9:00AM- 4:00PM
Dublin Entrepreneurial Center – Training Room Suite 180
565 Metro Pl S, Dublin, OH 43017