A Call to Citywide Prayer

by Ursula Brush


At this urgent hour, we have a great opportunity to gather together for fervent prayer. On September 18th, church fellowships across our city will convene to pray for revival and reconciliation in the body of Christ and for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in Columbus. This third annual Concert of Prayer will be led by pastors as a visible expression of unity across denominations, ethnicities and generations. As we come together in the spirit of Jesus’s prayer from John 17:20-23, we set aside our differences to pray for each other, for our city and for our nation. Interceding in one accord, we declare together that our hope is in Christ alone! Join us for this historic gathering on Sunday, September 18th from 6:00-7:30 pm at Vineyard Columbus, 6000 Cooper Road, Westerville, OH 43081.  You can learn more at www.prayforcolumbus.org.


Pastor and theologian Jonathan Edwards first coined the term “Concert of Prayer” in the mid-1700s. He described the prayer gatherings as “visible union and explicit agreement for revival of religion and advancement of the Kingdom of God.” These multi-denominational prayer meetings became the spark for the First Great Awakening in the United States. Much of the foundational beliefs surrounding our constitution and Bill of Rights are attributed to the spiritual renewal from the First Great Awakening. Rooted in prayer, this awakening ushered in the American Revolution and the birth of our nation’s independence.

Similarly, a mighty prayer movement sparked and fueled the 1859 revival. The movement spread with crowded noontime prayer meetings all across the country. An estimated two million conversions took place in just a matter of years. Reports of 10,000 baptisms a week and businesses closed for prayer at noon was commonplace. Largely because of this awakening, slavery ended with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865. The Salvation Army, Christian Missionary Alliance and the Student Volunteer Movement all find their roots in this great movement of God as well.

Like the spiritual climate before these movements of God, our nation is in deep spiritual darkness. We are at a crossroads and in desperate need of God’s intervention. The stakes at risk are higher than ever. Now more than ever is the time to humble ourselves before the Lord and cry out to Him for a Great Awakening in our land. Now is the time to repent of our indifference, pride and self-sufficiency. Prayer has always been the spark and driving force of every great revival. Join with hundreds of thousands from across our nation asking God for a Great Awakening. Start a weekly or monthly prayer group and join us at the Concert of Prayer September 18th. It is said that history belongs to the intercessors. Let’s agree and be in one accord asking God for awakening. He has done it in the past. He can do it again.


About the author:

After her graduate studies at OSU, Ursula Brush spent a number of years managing her own business, Ulla Ltd. She now provides project management support for community development at Highland Real Estate Group, LLC. With a passion for the power of prayer to transform our city, Ursula also leads the Pray for Columbus citywide prayer ministry. Pray for Columbus holds several citywide prayer and worship events including the Citywide Concert of Prayer. Learn more at www.prayforcolumbus.org

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