Why Most Leaders Waste It

By Paul Kilzer

As a leader, you are not a one-talent person. You’re probably not even a two-talent person. The reality is that if you are living in the United States and are reading this, you’ve been blessed and highly favored. And because of that, more is expected. Leaders have a higher call; rewards await authentic pursuit of that assignment.  Missing that is a hideous waste.

So, we have two very real problems.  One issue is, our time here is short. It’s only a moment.  The other problem is we have been duped into the pursuit of the ‘American Dream’ and promised that the pot on the other side is filled with gold and happiness. Well, that’s not true. We’ve all heard dozens of stories of people who were ruined via a trust fund they inherited. No one looks back on their life wishing for more time at the office or more deals to close.

A joyous, fulfilling life comes to those who give their own life away. It’s crazy irony.

What does that even mean anyway, ‘Give your own life away’?  I guess it’s investing in others: a coworker, a neighbor, son or daughter. Like just hanging out with them. Like saying no to other stuff, just for them.

“But wait Kilzer, easy for you to say. The team I lead (at my job, the business I own, etc.) takes way more than a full-time effort… and oh yeah, I do have kids and a wife who I love being with and who want to see me.  All that and I should figure out how to give MORE of ‘my life away’?”

Deep sigh.

There is a way. A way to make the most of this short life, avoid the trap of the ‘American Dream’, AND live a fulfilling life. It comes from my favorite book- mostly from the central character. In nine different places, the Bible talks about specific activities that generate rewards in Heaven and have an immediate byproduct of satisfaction, fulfillment, & joy. [IMHO, it also indirectly creates current-world economic returns.]

Here’s a couple of those activities:

Seems simple, right?

And maybe familiar…but there’s always a catch- here’s the catch.  Our behavior must be driven by the right motives. The good news is that there are things we can do which will get us rewards that are permanent and public. The other news is that we must DO them.  And these things must be done with the right motivation.

Finding the sweet spot between leading and making the most of our review with the Maker is challenging. It begins with knowing rewards have been made available, knowing that we can have accomplishments that never fade away, and knowing that the right kind of labor is never in vain.

We put together 6 steps that can be used to help get eternal alignment with your current assignment.  We call it the Permanent Reward System.  Business and non-profit leaders leverage this method to harmonize organizational rhythms with our Creator’s desire.

Since you are reading this, it’s likely you see yourself as a Servant Leader.  Servant Leaders who look through a lens that outlasts their lifetime are Permanent Leaders.  Imagine if we all lived this way.


paulPaul Kilzer helps leaders get more of what they want from their organizations and businesses though a complete system, thereby liberating the leader and making him or her Irrelevant, on Purpose.  As a speaker, advisor, coach, and entrepreneur, Paul urges audiences to push their perspective toward permanence. He’s the host of the executive leadership training events group, Prosperity Partners, Founder and CEO of Permanent Leadership, and market leader for Pinnacle Forum Columbus.  Most importantly, he’s a dad to the marvelous three and husband of the breathtaking Scarlett. Connect with him at PaulKilzer.com

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