Why Being a Generous Leader Can Make You a Great Leader

Our resource for this week is an article that challenges all of us as leaders to consider all of the ways we can be generous. It is no doubt that for most of us, the thought of giving involves money, or especially this time of year, ribbons and bows. However, as you read this article, I challenge you to consider the many other ways to be generous as a leader. The author, Bruna Martinuzzi, lists several opportunities to be a generous leader that we may not consider so often.
I do take one exception to this article as I read it through the lens of servant leadership. Martinuzzi encourages leaders to “Give people a sense of importance.” A sense of importance is key, but I think it’s only halfway to the most generous gift as a leader. This gift is seeing the tremendous value and goodness that lies within each human and celebrating that gift, not just the sense of it. Servant leader thrive on celebrating the whole person that they serve on the team and seeing them unleash their potential. Could there be anything more generous for a leader to offer?
As you look through this article, where do you see an opportunity to lead more generously?

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