Sexual Addiction in the Workplace

By John Doyel

What do Anthony Weiner, Roger Ailes, and Bill Clinton all have in common? Sex scandals rocked their worlds.

In 2012 Huffington Post posted the CEO Sex Scandal Hall of Fame:
• Jack Welch – CEO of General Electric
• Brian Dunn – CEO of Best Buy
• Mark Hurd – CEO of Hewlett Packard
• Harry Stonecipher – CEO of Boeing
• Kenneth Melani – CEO of Highmark a health insurance company
• Stephen MacMillan – CEO of Stryker – a medical device manufacturer

High level executives were caught in sexual scandals, and their worlds blew up. Could that happen to you or any of your top employees? Has your desire for sex become a powerful influence in your life? Are you are finding yourself being drawn to it more frequently? Affairs give a momentary thrill, but the consequences can destroy your career and your family.

I just began my 12th year of recovery from my own sexual addiction. September 9th, 2005, my world exploded as I resigned my position as a senior executive because of my sexual addiction. Over the past 12 years, I have made it my focus to learn everything I can about this issue and find a way for myself and others can recover. In 2009, I started a group for men with sexual addictions and have been leading that ever since. Also, my marriage, in its 38th year, is going strong.

Look, I know there are executives out there who are feeling trapped, just like I was–doing things you never thought you would do and putting your career and even your marriage and family at risk. You don’t want to go to a 12 step group, and shame keeps you in isolation. You are the founder of your own company or in upper level management. You have achieved a lot of success, yet you are putting it all at risk. The higher you have climbed, the greater the stress and the more powerful the urge to use sex as your drug of choice.

There is help available to you right here in Columbus. I have walked this out myself and am currently working with about 100 men every Monday night at my church, Vineyard Columbus. However, if you want more discretion and would like someone to work directly with you or one of your employees, I am offering to do executive coaching. As an Executive Coach, I am not asking that you to come to me, but I will come to you. We can meet in the privacy of your office or work together online. I can be available to you on a weekly and even daily basis if need be.

I have helped hundreds of men walk this out and find sexual sobriety. Whether you feel you have a sexual addiction or are just concerned about the direction you are heading…I can be of help. There are no quick fixes, and walking in freedom becomes a day-by-day experience. I just might be able to help you keep your career and your family.

If you have any interest, please contact me either by phone or email.


John Doyel has been married to Mona for 36+ years and is the father of 4 and grandfather of 4. He has been in the recruiting field for financial advisors since 2008. In 2009, he began a ministry at Vineyard Columbus called 180 Ministries. They help men who struggle with sexual brokenness and addiction, and he serves as an Executive Coach to men in this area. John can be reached at doyel@me.com or 740-649-6050.

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