The Servant Leader & Connection: A Tool for Innovation

By: Shannon Lee

With Leadership Forum fast approaching, I felt it important to share the connection between Innovation and Servant Leadership.

Servant Leadership involves 18 key attributes one of which is Pioneering. It is this attribute that is directly related to Innvoation (Russell & Stone, 2002). Pioneering means “to open up or prepare a way or to initiate or participate in the development of” (The American Heritage Dictionary).

Kouzes and Posner (1995) say this:“all leaders challenge the process. Leaders are pioneers – people who are willing to step out into the unknown. They’re willing to take risks, to INNOVATE and experiment in order to find new and better ways of doing things.”

We will be talking about innovation all morning at Leadership Forum on May 24 at the Lincoln Theatre. I was just there yesterday finalizing plans and details and our staff and community leaders can’t wait to bring you some amazing content on Leading Innovation. Make sure you get your ticket HERE!

Finally, check out this article specifically about using innovation to connect with and fire up employees and I’ll see you on May 24!


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