Our Eyes To Serve and Hands To Learn

Jason Barger

The musical poets Mumford and Sons remind us in their song Below My Feet to, “keep my eyes to serve and my hands to learn.”

For me, cultivating a spirit of gratitude and service in life begins with how we see the world around us. How we see matters and impacts the path we take not only in our own brain, but leads us to the path of learning that we experience everyday.

Calibrating our vision with a lens of gratitude requires us to catch the small moments, things, and people around us. It causes us to slow down and honor the here and now of life. It teaches our eyes to seek, to pursue, to find gratitude.

And the truth is that gratitude expands when it moves from our eyes to our hands.

A grateful spirit begins to flow when our eyes lead us to action. The spirit moves from our eyes through our hands and flows out into the world. The most fruitful gratitude is when our thoughts create impact in the world for others.

So, for this Thanksgiving season (and every day afterward), join me in reflecting on these questions:

• What do you see around you?

• Where will your eyes choose to focus?

• How will your hands respond?

Give thanks today by teaching your eyes to serve and your hands to learn.

In Gratitude,

Jason Barger

Jason V. Barger is a globally celebrated keynote speaker, leadership coach and author of Thermostat Cultures, Step Back from the Baggage Claim and ReMember. He is founder of Step Back Leadership Consulting, a Columbus-based company that works with businesses and organizations worldwide. Connect at www.JasonVBarger or on social media at @JasonVBarger.

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