Dear Servant Leader…

By Adam McCampbell

Dear Servant Leader,

You have been created to lead, and it is a gift. The way I’ve wired your personality is such that you won’t be fully content unless you are planning, strategizing, driving, and accomplishing goals. I’ve given you big dreams to pursue–chase after them. I’ve provided you with resources and opportunities–make the most of them. I’m always at work around you and inviting you to work with me. This is a gift. Manage your gift well by relying fully on me, trusting me when challenged, and turning to me when you see no other ways forward. Always acknowledge that I am the Creator and you are the created.

The gift of leadership is not just for you. It is for others. It is for the Kingdom. Your gift is never for yourself alone. You are to come alongside people, serve them, and make their workplace, jobs, and lives better. Get to know them as people, care about what they care about, listen closely, and engage them in personal conversation. Love them. This is the good work you were created to do. Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving me, not people, because I will reward you for whatever good you do. Do good at work and at home–there is no difference. Your temptation will be to hoard the gift–resist.

If you lose sight of the reality that all I’ve given you is a gift and begin to rely on yourself, your desire to strategize and drive will quickly turn to a desire to control and perfect. When you try to find your identity in success and achievements, you’ll despise the gift and doubt that it is from me. You will soon believe you are the one making the biggest sacrifices. If you are no longer able to sleep and anxious thoughts dominate your mind, it could be that you are trying to do more than you were ever meant to do. You may still experience great success, but it may come with a devastating cost. In this moment, you will know the truth–that no amount of success or prosperity can fully satisfy your soul. When you experience these dark moments, turn again to me. I’m always your refuge and strength.

Genuinely connect with other leaders and do not hesitate to be open with them. Reveal your fears, insecurities, doubts and failures, and do not let your emotions drive you to isolation. Listen closely to your friends because they will speak the truth in love, and you will be strengthened. They will remind you that you do not have to know everything or always have it all together. They will keep you accountable to your calling. Trust them.

Keep your heart free from the love of money and be content with what you have because I will never leave you. You will be criticized, and life will be hard, but trust that I’ve established your work. Renew your mind daily with my words.  Always have confidence in what you hope for and assurance in what you do not see. Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid. Lead out of a heart full of thanksgiving, and you will see amazing things happen.


Your Heavenly Father


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