Inspired Generosity

Twenty years ago, E J’s sister-in-law and her four children, under political persecution, fled Iraq for the safety of Germany. While finally free, they were thousands of miles from family, with no hope of reunion with those they loved.

E J asked for help to get his sister-in-law and her children to the U.S. After numerous meetings and phone calls, Relā and others, connected with John Kasich, then Congressman and now Governor. He signed the final paperwork, literally sent in a midnight fax, which brought them to America and a reunion with E J’s family. “Because of their kindness, I’m inspired to do the same for others.”

“I get up every day to serve or bless someone in some way. What I have comes from God, nothing belongs to me, and it gives me joy to share it with others.

I support Relā financially on a monthly basis. For Harvey and his team, the work of Relā is not a job; it’s a purpose for being. I know I can’t out give God, but I can do my small part.

I’ve also been touched by the speakers and their messages. Their stories of humility and faith move me, and inspire me to be a better person. They all give me something that I can pass on to others. So when I support Relā, I know I’m serving others, whether they are like me or not.”

As E J has pointed out, there are numerous ways to join the Relā community and he has chosen to partner with Relā through generosity and attending events. We ask you to do the same.

E Jimenez, President of EJ Alterations

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