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Leaders On Being Led: Insoo Kim

Leaders On Being Led: Insoo Kim

Check out this first video in a new series, Leaders On Being Led.


The ability to deal with criticism internally, in a healthy and productive way, can help us to show up better at work and beyond.  Criticism is very important and useful but can also be very personal.

They took a risk to serve others

They took a risk to serve others

While donating money and supplies to community organizations is necessary and always will be, what these organizations also need is our creativity, our drive, our solutions and ideas; giving them the ability to raise their vision higher so they can reach more.

What does it mean to serve?

by Shannon Lee

I was raised being told "fair" doesn't exist.  Yet we all carry these varying definitions of what is fair, especially when it comes to other people, social injustices and morality.  But what I would encourage us to focus on is much simpler and basic, which is grace.

Be Strong and Courageous!

by Insoo Kim

In 1955, ten years before the historic Selma marches, a man named Robert Graetz became the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Montgomery, Alabama. This was not all that significant except for the fact that Trinity Lutheran Church was an all-black congregation and Robert was white.

Winners Want to Keep Score

by Don Corder

My generation taught the next generation that winning is just showing up. We taught them that results (score) don’t matter…criticism is mean…expectations are insensitive. We robbed an entire generation of the lessons to be learned from failing and the strength of character that is born in the struggle.

5 Transcendent Money Principles

by Michael Perez

5 money  management principles that transcend everything.

What is Transformational Leadership?

by Shannon Lee

The transformational leader doesn’t boss people around with reasoning such as ‘just because’ and their success is measured not necessarily by the impact they have on a company or organization but rather the impact they have on the people they lead. 

Believe in People Again

Someone said to me last week in a text, “I’m losing faith in humanity”.  I thought about that for several...

Will I…

As we look towards the future and dream, it’s so easy to get caught up in the “what if’s”, right? ...