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Whenever I work with a team of people and ask them what comes to mind when I say, “vulnerability,” many...

From Antiracist to Action

I have been grappling with how to respond to the current, racist events we have all witnessed recently, because these...

Exploring Leadership: A Personal Journey Part 7 – Interview Question: What have you found to be helpful in your personal/professional development?

This blog is part of a series.  Last year, I embarked on a personal development project with the aim of...

Lynette Vaive | Emotional Intelligence

Lynette Vaive talks about her experience with Relā and emotional intelligence training.

Christy Bertolo | Care to Lead

Christy Bertolo talks about her experience with Care to Lead

Amy Line | NxGen

Amy Line of Safellite talks about the NxGen program  

Jasmine Elliott | Care to Lead

Jasmine Elliott of CMS talks about her experience with the Care to Lead program.  

Donald Wells | Servant Leadership

Don Wells is back on Relā Stories giving an update on his journey as a servant leader.  

NxGen | Amber DeBarr

Amber DeBarr shares her experience with the NexGen program.

Ryan Wilkins | Servant Leadership

Ryan Wilkins speaks about being a servant leader.