Amazing What a Simple Ask Can Do!

by Michael Perez

As I sped down I-670E towards Port Columbus airport, I couldn’t believe that one of my all- time favorite speakers was sitting in the passenger seat next to me. Bob Goff had just given the keynote at the Relā 2015 Fall Leadership Prayer breakfast at the convention center. I was speeding because he was not going to make his flight. I had a hard time getting him out of the convention center because the audience mobbed him at the end of his talk and he wanted to engage with everyone. It was absolutely amazing to watch! The other reason I was speeding down the highway was because I had the courage to simply ASK!

Let me start by taking you back to October, 2014. I had attended my second Relā Fall Leadership Prayer breakfast. It was an awesome event featuring Tom Ryan, the wrestling coach at Ohio State as the keynote speaker delivering a powerful testimonial.   Somehow after the event the spirit moved me and I decided that I wanted to meet Harvey Hook, whom I had seen up on the podium that day. So I called up the Relā offices and asked for Harvey. When he answered the phone, “I told him that he didn’t know me, but I knew who he was and that I had just attended the breakfast. I asked him if I could take him to lunch.” To my delight he said yes.

The lunch would be the start of a relationship that would lead to other opportunities all because I asked Harvey to lunch. I started attending other Relā events and got involved as a sponsor. Ultimately, this would lead to me being asked to be a Mentor in Relā’s NxGen Leadership Development program. It would also lead to Harvey asking me to serve on Relā’s board this year. All of these things were happening because I had asked Harvey to go to lunch. Amazing!

This takes me back to the Bob Goff story. May, 2015 Harvey and I were having breakfast at First Watch in Dublin. During our conversation, I asked him who the speaker was going to be for the Fall Leadership Prayer breakfast. He threw out a few well-known names, but said he was struggling to get someone locked down. I asked him if he had ever heard of Bob Goff, who I had seen three months prior at a conference in Orlando where he had rocked the house. Harvey said that he had heard of him, but didn’t know much about him. After the breakfast the spirit moved me once again. I went back to my office, found Bob Goff’s website and sent him an email full of joy and fun (like Bob) asking if he would come to Columbus, Ohio. Obviously, Bob didn’t know me at all. In Goff fashion he responded to my e-mail within hours. He told me to have Harvey’s people get in touch with his people. Within two weeks, a deal was made to have Bob come to Columbus and speak at the Fall Prayer breakfast. Obviously, he didn’t disappoint. Once again, it was all because I asked!

One of the reasons I’m always inspired to have the courage to ASK, is based on a story I heard some years ago about Henry Ford, the car guy. One of Henry’s close friends was upset with him because he had heard through the grapevine that Henry had done some significant business with one of the guy’s competitors. When this guy approached Henry about this slight, Henry simply replied that he didn’t do business with the guy because he didn’t ask and the other guy did. I have never forgotten that story.

If you ask and they say no, you are no worse off than if you didn’t ask, but if they say yes, amazing things can happen as I have demonstrated above. So, let me ask you, what are you not getting in your life because you choose not to ask? How is it impacting your life? What if you did ask? What would it do for you? Simply ASK!

mike crop 1Michael Perez is the CEO of the Shumacher Group, a Distinguished Toastmaster in Toastmasters International, a NxGen mentor and one of the newest members of the Relā Board of Directors.



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