Hiring Mistakes Made by Seasoned Executives

by Alec Broadfoot

While many professionals apply due caution and procedure where hiring is concerned, executives are more likely to make fast decisions based on gut instinct. This often translates to costly missteps. And though they may fly through their hiring decisions, the negative impact of a mis-hire on their bottom line is certain to give an executive pause.

The Thinning of the Cortex

by Paul Louis Cole

The children in cities right in the US and elsewhere—our next generation—are literally being intellectually choked and neurologically diminished by the level of poverty they live in. The chief indicator? Fatherlessness.

Serving An Invisible Population

by Natasha Slesnick

Homeless youth are one of our society’s most vulnerable populations. But they aren’t easy to spot. They often hide the emotional and physical scars of their childhood abuse, mental and sexual abuse, street victimization, suicide attempts and marginalization by the larger society.

How I define success in working with the homeless

by Ben Sears, Patient Advocate, Mt Carmel Outreach

I have found more joy serving the homeless than I ever would have imagined! Each person I am blessed with meeting has their own story, their own personality, and their own soul deserving of love and attention. My name is Ben Sears and I am a Patient Advocate working with the Mount Carmel Outreach Street Medicine and Mobile Coach program.

Already Gone

by Doug Cooper

In other words, what if Jesus has called you to go and you have already gone? What if he has already placed you exactly where he wants you to be, positioned to do exactly what he wants you to be doing? Might that change the way you think about your work?