Thanksgiving Should Be a Daily Event

Dad has taught me that gratitude isn’t about how much or little you have, but the story you tell yourself about it. Gratitude expands our capacity to feel joy and infuses a deeper dimension into our living. It’s not something to practice only when fortune strikes  – when we land the job, cure the illness, win the client or find our ‘soul mate’ – but something to practice at all times. In fact a little gratitude can help us stay far more buoyant when the storm waves are high and we are struggling to stay afloat. Gratitude elevates our spirit; it gives us access to humor amidst our hardship, strength amidst our struggles, and hope when when despair looms large.

But I’m Not the Boss!

by Shannon Lee

I didn’t like feeling this way all the time and quite honestly, it sucked!  The daily grind of dragging my butt into work only to feel dejected, deflated and discouraged was not something I wanted to live with for the rest of my life.  This is not what I want for 40-50 hours of my life each week. 

I Wish I Had More Time!

While busyness is categorically the norm for the vast majority of people in the Western world, the solution is never about having more time. We know this, but still we forget such an essential truth. People often say to me (and I’m guilty of saying it as well), “I wish there were more hours in the day; if only I had more time!” And why do we want more time? What would we do with it? We want more time to do the important things that aren’t getting done. The answer isn't more time but a greater awareness of the time we have.

Inspired Generosity

Twenty years ago, E J's sister-in-law and her four children, under political persecution, fled Iraq for the safety of Germany.  While finally free, they were thousands of miles from family, with no hope of reunion with those they loved.

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Misunderstanding leads to Missed Opportunity: Valued Exchange

By Emily Randle

Do you understand the contribution and value that each generation brings?  Despite which generational category you fall in, I challenge you to stop and reflect. Assumptions and stereotypes lead us to conclusions that limit our ability to remain objective; therefore, limiting our ability to discover the value of our differences. In every organization there is a hierarchical structure set in place and it shapes how and who associates operate and collaborate with on a daily basis.